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One of the biggest mistakes companies, people or students make is that marketing is the only thing / process, namely “advertising.” While marketing is not an item / process, it is everything / process a consumer or customer faces. Whether it’s advertising, listening to someone’s language (word of mouth), customer service or follow-up / after-sales services. It’s also marketing that you tell the average person a need or create a need for it yourself, even if the consumer needs to be fulfilled again and again and again and again. Embracing shopping is also marketing. Whether you have a attitude or a product attitude it will come up in more sub-branches of marketing, as well as your dress and appearance or product packing or presentation are all marketing dots.

Instead of marketing or convincing with sales, it is important to understand that marketing is a complete process that begins before the product comes into existence and continues until the product is consumed by the consumer. In which you convince, show, and program the consumer that he or she will buy your product or give priority to the competitor’s product that will satisfy his or her need, Satisfaction There will be luck, his head will be raised, his status in the society will change or anything that gives a satisfying answer to his question (why).

If you do nothing and are not responding to this (why) then you are not marketing and if you are not marketing then you are simply not doing sales. Now we take a small example from everyday examples. If a vegetable spear comes out of the house and makes a sound, then it is part of its marketing. On the other hand, if a vegetable shop is sitting and does not sound, then it is still being marketed. Soundtrack is part of marketing point “promotion” while displaying only part of marketing is “place”. Such a product is a marketable product, but if you do not mention it or tell it to anyone, do not make a sound or do it out of the house, it means that you have to take one of the basic marketing steps. Not only did I get down, it was also a waste to dream of a cell.

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